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China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd in

China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd
China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd
We are leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide products contains of Tungsten Carbide Bars / Solid Rods, Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools, Tungsten Carbide Dental High-Precision Rotating Polishing Instruments with FG/HP style, Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Tungsten Carbide Dies / Nibs, Tungsten Carbide Tips, Tungsten Carbide Blocks/Flats/Strips, Tungsten Carbide Irregular Poducts, Wear-Resistant Parts fro Crushing Machinery, Tungsten Carbide Fashion Jewelry ( Rings, Pendants, Watches, Bangles/Bracelets), Tungsten Carbide Tyre Nails (Pins)/Snow Plough Blade , Non-magnetic WC-Ni ,etc and W-Based Alloy Products. Products are widely used in the fields of dental laboratory / dentistry, aerospace, semi-conductor, defense, mining, metallurgy, machinery, petroleum-chemistry and medical industries. Service is the vital CPM link to others in our industry.

China Powder Metallurgy Enterprise Ltd
Foshan g.d

Contact : Marlon Hoo
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