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TI Titanium Ltd. in

TI Titanium Ltd.
Since 1972, Titanium Fabrication Corporation has specialized in the fabrication of high quality Titanium reactive metal and special alloy equipment for the non-aerospace market. Standard products include process equipment, tanks, pressure vessels, columns, heat exchangers, piping systems, rotating equipment such as fans and blowers, and mechanical equipment like pulp mill washers, centrifuges, pumps, mixers, and shafts. Electrolytic devices like chlorine and chlorate anodes and cells and copper starter sheet cathodes have been built for the major suppliers of these systems worldwide. Many unique fabrications like the Titanium frame for the Alvin submarine, a helicopter transportable hyperbaric diver rescue system, manipulator arms for NASA space training programs, equipment and tubular components for offshore and deep well oil and gas production, medical devices, and over the road chemical tank trailers have been built by Titanium Fabrication Corporation. Titanium Fabrication has built solid Titanium welded mechanical equipment weighing nearly 200,000 pounds shafts over 100 feet in length, solid Titanium vessels over 20 feet in diameter, and has welded sections of 8 inches in thickness. Whatever your need, call on Titanium Fabrication Corporation for the highest quality and service

TI Titanium Ltd.
St-Laurent Quebec

Contact : James Bellman
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