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Stanko Trading in

Stanko Trading
Russian company with more than 10 years experience on the market of machine tools. Since foundation we have been doing our best to satisfy all possible customers requirements: either in search of a particular machine on request, renovation, mounting of CNC or commissioning at the customerís premises. Our main products are machine tools such as heavy duty lathe big size - manufacturing KRAMATORSK; vertical lathe turning diameter up to 16000 mm 630 inches and heigh of workpiece 5000 mm 198 inches; SKODA, TOS horizontal boring mill - floor or table type; deep hole boring/ drilling; gear, roll grinding machines etc. also press forging and stamping machine TMP VORONEZH, ERFURT, SMERAL; roll bending machine for cylindrical and conical pieces of sheet metal (rings, cowling, shell). Each machine from the stock is presented at our website and can inspect under power. It is the ideal machines for sectors such as the energy sector (wind power, gas, nuclear), shipbuilding, rail, capital goods and other big engineering. This equipment has obvious advantages over foreign counterparts, such as: - Rigidity of the structure, which provides high accuracy and performance; - Easy maintenance - the machines are universal, lathe operators and workers who work on this equipment master control system easily (at the same time, the modern tendency to install CNC allows to easily modernize the equipment according to standard modernization projects); - High reliability; - Reasonable price allowing covering the cost of the equipment within one year from its commissioning. Our goal is to be reliable and lucrative partner for our customer. We think that used machinery is not just sale, itís trust. Maybe youíll get interested in any of the machine tools offered by us, and weíll become partners. Our specialist are qualified engineers. Delivery of machinery is supported by Chamber of Commerce, delivery terms are INCOTERMC-2010 CIF, DAF, FOB, etc.

Stanko Trading
Saratov Saint-Petersburg

Contact : Vladimir Pushkarev
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