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Filto Profiles in

Filto Profiles
Filto Profiles
With experience of over 25 years in the forefront of brass profile market, in FILTO PROFILES, we have as first objective the satisfaction of our clients, through the quality of our products and service. Which has established us as a leading company in the production of special brass profiles in high quality, our specialization also enables us to manufacture in short runs; working to the needs and specifications of our customers, has become the main approach for all our production, producing the desired profile through the expertise of our technical design department.. FILTO PROFILES, makes this task involving our human team specialized in adapting and producing the required brass design, thus enabling us to help and advice our customers in accordance with their needs. Filto has modern premises close to Barcelona Port and International Airport, as well as road connections, leading throughout Europe, and exporting to overseas markets already established like, China, Australia, America, South Africa and Maghreb. Working the profiles with different brass alloys FILTO PROFILES, let us cooperate with different sectors such as construction, decoration, electricity, industrial, naval, design, auto motion, etc.

Filto Profiles
Vallirana Barcelona

Contact : Xavi Serrat
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