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Accrue Minerals Inc in

Accrue Minerals Inc
Accrue Minerals Inc
Accrue Minerals Inc is the operating division within the Accrue Group that is responsible for our overall global mineral activities that include either the Mining, Sourcing, Supply, Trading, and independent Logistic services for various Bulk Minerals products that are supplied to our worldwide customers that include such Minerals as; Iron, Chrome, Manganese, Nickel, Copper, Coal, we also handle other Ores and Semi-Finished Products such as Copper Cathodes and Pig Iron etc... With Offices in various regions around the globe like, London, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Ghana, DRC and other representative offices, Accrue Minerals Inc is well equipped to service our worldwide clients demands for Quality Product and Reliable Service.

Accrue Minerals Inc
London London
United Kingdom

Contact : Andy Lee
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