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Formosa M & S Overseas Sales & Services, Inc. in

Formosa M & S Overseas Sales & Services, Inc.
Asian Alloys-Supply Chain Management collaboration for Piping Material. Project Demand: Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Oil Refinery, Petro-Chemical. ASME/ASTM SA/A335 P5, P9, P11, P22 & P91 Cr-Mo Seamless Alloy Steel Pipes. ( STOCKS available in warehouse) CARBON STEEL / STAINLESS STEEL / ALLOY STEEL / TITANIUM ALLOY / NICKEL ALLOY / ZIRCONIUM (45 DEG. ELBOWS, 90 DEG. ELBOWS, 180 DEG. ELBOWS, CAPS, TEES, REDUCERS, STUD ENDS )

Formosa M & S Overseas Sales & Services, Inc.

Contact : Ina Shue
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